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Passenger, Witness, Victim…

Passenger Injury and Wrongful Death Attorney

Being a passenger in someone else’s car or on the back of a motorcycle puts people at the mercy of other drivers on the road and puts their lives in the hands of the person they’re riding with. After a car accident, a lawyer from an insurance company will most likely represent the at-fault driver. The driver of the car that was hit will have his or her own attorney. If you were injured as a passenger, you need your own lawyer, too.

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The Law Office of Douglas Loefgren, PLC represents people in Maricopa County and the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area who have been injured as passengers in motorcycle and auto accidents. With the experience of more than three dozen jury trials and over a decade of practice to draw on, attorney Douglas Loefgren has the resources AND the legal skills necessary to make certain your interests are fairly represented.

Dedicated to Helping People Through a Difficult Time

Our firm focuses on handling a smaller number of more serious car accident cases so that we can put as much emphasis on delivering quality client service as we do on delivering quality legal service. We do this because we want the people we represent to recover fair compensation for their losses and to feel as though they’ve been treated well in the process. We’re here for our clients. We keep clients informed and as involved in the details of their cases as they want to be. We keep the lines of communication open throughout and we even take the not-so-extraordinarily complicated yet all-too-uncommon step of making sure phone calls and e-mails are responded to promptly. You deserve no less.

Multiple Sources of Recovery for Injured Passengers

If there is anything positive about being injured as a passenger, it is that there is more than one source to recover compensation from afterwards. In addition to recovering via the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier, an injured passenger can also file a claim against the insurance company of the driver of the car he or she was riding in.

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