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Motorcycle Accident Attorney – Phoenix, Arizona

Our firm represents motorcycle accident victims and grieving family members in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area and helps them to secure the compensation they need to rebuild their lives and recover. If you’re looking for a lawyer you can trust, someone with proven experience and legal skills – contact the Law Office of Douglas Loefgren, PLC today. Dignity, Respect and a Hands-On Approach to Service

As a lawyer, you can’t treat people with dignity and respect if you don’t or won’t take the time to get to know them and understand their situations. We work closely with motorcycle accident victims and their families to solve the difficult problems involved with recovery. We have deliberately chosen to keep our practice small and focused so that we can continue to do just that.

Catastrophic Injury and Wrongful Death Claims

For obvious reasons, a motorcycle accident is far more likely than an ordinary car crash to result in a catastrophic injury or fatality. When a motorcyclist suffers a brain injury, spinal cord injury or severe burns as the result of the collision, more than ordinary care must be taken in determining what appropriate compensation should be. Taking a shortsighted view and settling too quickly can put you in the position, years later, of not having the money you need to deal with the lifetime medical needs these injuries can create. We don’t take chances with our clients’ futures. We want to see you get all of the help that you’ll need to rebuild and maintain a high quality of life.

In cases of wrongful death, attorney Douglas Loefgren will use the skills and experience he has gained from more than three dozen jury trials to obtain full compensation for medical bills, funeral expenses, property losses, and for personal harms such as the loss of support and companionship, the loss of expected future income, mental anguish, and pain and suffering. Our firm will also seek punitive damages wherever possible.

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Call our Phoenix, Arizona, law office or our emergency after-hours cell phone number for immediate assistance. For less urgent matters, contact us by e-mail with a brief description of your situation and concerns. Evening, weekend, in-home and hospital appointments are available.

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