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Skilled Representation for People Who’ve Been Injured by a Drunk Driver

The Word “Accident” Doesn’t Apply

When a drunk driver hits another vehicle, the word “accident” doesn’t apply; collision does. Collision is a better choice because what we’re really talking about is the self-interests of a drunk driver colliding with the rights we all have to safely travel the roads. Whatever words are used, the bottom line is that it’s wrong. Contact us for an attorney who’ ll fight to make things right.

Our firm represents people throughout Maricopa County and the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area who have been injured because of a drunk driver. Attorney Douglas Loefgren is a dedicated and compassionate advocate who can draw from the experiences of more than three dozen jury trials and over a decade of practice in helping you to recover.

You Deserve More

When you seek out a lawyer for help, little things like getting your phone calls returned promptly, being kept informed on a regular basis, or feeling as though you’re more than just a quick buck shouldn’t be “extras.” We focus on handling a smaller number of more serious cases so that we can give people the dignified service, respect and compassion they deserve. You deserve no less.

Compensation for the Drunk Driving Accident Victim

If the person driving the car that injured you was under the influence of alcohol or drugs – the compensation available is similar to but may be greater than in an ordinary car accident. It may also include compensation for punitive damages. In addition, an alcohol-related collision may also give rise to a dram shop claim against the bar, restaurant or other facility responsible for over-serving the drunk driver who hit you.

More Information on Drunk Driving Accidents

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