Provide your health insurance information to every single provider associated with this claim.

Notify our office every time you start seeing a new medical provider.

Notify our office when you complete treatment with each provider.

Keep our office up-to-date with your medical treatment status and any changes in your diagnoses, etc.

Notify our office of any changes in address, telephone or email.

Check your email & mail frequently, and respond to any inquiries from our office as soon as possible.



Sign any blank documents except those approved by our office.

Provide the at-fault driver’s automobile insurance information to anyone except our office.

Provide anyone with a recorded statement (if one is needed, we will schedule that and be present with you.)

Share the details of your case with friends and family.

Post anything about this crash on any form of social media to include, but not be limited to:  FaceBook, Twitter, SnapChat, Reddit, Linked In, Instagram, MySpace, etc.


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